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Transoft TF-4917

weak anionic An extremely stable, compatible & hydrophilic softener. It can be applied in pretreatment process to prevent fabric from being creased & texture damaged during movement in tank
Transguard TF-501G Cationic/ Nonionic This product is specially used for waterproof finishing of polyester and its textiles. It also has waterproof effect on nylon, wool, silk, cotton and composite blended yarns and their fabrics
Transoft FLA TF-442B Nonionic Softener flake for textile. Can impart fabric with fluffy hand-feeling 
Transoil TF-101T


- De-oiling agent for textiles. Can effectively remove the oil stain and impurities on the fabric or equipments. It is also capable of the function of desizing and souring effects.
Transprint TF-3181B 
Anionic Printing Thickener. Can be used for reactive printing of natural fibers such as cotton, ramie, flax, bamboo, etc., protein fibers and modal fibers 

Transprint TF-316TS

Anionic Printing Thickener. Mainly used for polyester disperse dyes printing. It can be used individually or with sodium alginate, tamarind, guar gum.
TRANSCOUR TF-120EA - is a multifunctional scouring agent powder. Has excellent multifunctional effect for cotton and blended fabric
Slightly cationic A Hydrophilic & Bulky Textile Softener Concentrate
TRANSOFT TF-4926 Nonionic to Weak cationic is a super soft & bulky textile softener. It is specially designed to achieve super softness of various fabric. TranSoft 4926 contains a revolutionary & new generation of silicone molecule that significantly differentiates from traditional aminosilicone or terpolymers.
TRANSOFT TF-4917 weak anionic TranSoft 4917 is a super stable textile softener. It is an anionic system and has excellent compatibility with most of pretreatment and finishing chemicals used

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