Speciality Chemical

Speciality Textile Finishing Agent

Speciality Chemical Product List


    Remove bad and unwanted odours with BAYSCENT® NEUTRALIZER leaving fabrics with a fresh and pleasant scent.

    Microencapsulated scent for scenting textiles.

    Skin-care treatment agent based on micelles, which gives a special cool sensation by the use of dynamic temperature control. The active components consist of xilitol, squalane, silk protein and erythritol.
  • EULAN® SPA 01

    Permethrin based insect protection agent for outwear, sportswear, military applications on clothing and tents, curtains. The insect proof agent can be applied on all type of fabrics. Permethrin prevents insect bites through the fabric and kills insects that contact the fabric. Highly effective against:

    Special finishing agent for improve balance
  • Bioguard 400S

    Excellent water and oil repellent effect, Durable after repeated washing or dry cleaning, Imparts a soft hand feel compared to competitors products, Very stable to pH, heat, water conditions
  • Bioguard C642A

    Improved durability performance through extended home laundering
  • Flamguard FMB

    Semi-durable FR for cotton.
  • Flamguard UCR

    Semi-durable FR for polyester
  • Flamguard PE

    Durable FR for polyester.

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