Fluids, Emulsion.


Product Key Feature
OFX-8803 Fluid
Modified amino functional silicone, excellent high-shear stability and durable press bath compatibility, improved alkaline stability and anionic compatibility
OFX-8058 Fluid
Bulky, unique hand feel; premium soft and slippery, low yellowing
OFX-8417 Fluid
Premium softness and wet touch, easy-to-make stable emulsion
OFX-8468 Polymer
Premium softness and greasy hand feel
OFX-8822 Fluid
Premium softness
OFX-8630 Fluid
Premium softness with minimal impact on fabric whiteness
OFX-8209A Fluid
General purpose, amino functional softener
OFX-3710 Fluid
Premium softness, high level of slippery, easy-to-make stable emulsion
OFX-8040A Fluid
Very good softness and lower yellowing than conventional amino functional silicones

Fluids, Emulsion


Product Key Feature
Premium softness and smoothness, low yellowing, easy-to-make stable emulsion
OP-8550 Additive
0.8 N% content, premium softness, easy to make emulsion


Product Benefit of silicone Application Process
SILASTIC™ 3730/GP 500, SILASTIC™ 590 EU, SILASTIC™ 9252/500P
Fabric strength, adhesion, durability Conveyor belt Dip/knife, knife coating
SILASTIC™ 9050/30P
Prevention of curling of Paper at both edges, adhesion Dryer fabric Spray
SE 1980
Electrical insulation, durability, flexibility Insulation of electric parts Padding
SILASTIC™ 9050/30P, SILASTIC™ CF-5010, SILASTIC™ 9481/50US
Fabric strength, adhesion, heat/flame resist, weatherability, appereance Insulation wraps, welding blanket Spray, dip coating
84, 85 additive
Protect fabric from scorching, heat resistance Ironing board Knife coating
SE 1980
Minimize water vapor pickup, anti-slickness, handle Medical mattress cover Foam coating
FC 227sys, SB-3010sys
Light weight, tear, water proof, UV resistant, flexibility Sport gear-tent, parachute Knife Coating
SILASTIC™ Silicone printing inks
Good adhesion to fabric, light reflection Reflective coating Knife coating
SILASTIC™ 3730, SILATIC™ 9151/200P
Flame/heat resist, water proof/repellency, chemical resist, water vapor permeability Riot cloth Laminating
Fabric strength, weatherability, durability, stain resist Roof Knife coating, spray
3-8235 Silicone Foam
Absorb sound, flame retardancy, low toxic Sound absorption Knife coating
SILASTIC™ 3631, SILASTIC™ 9481 mix
Elongation, adhesion, low tacky Swimming cap Laminating

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