Release Agent, Lubricant

Silicone release agents are used as additives in mold release applications where they enable quicker release of products made in molds, such as tires, plastics, rubbers and metals.


Product Application
XIAMETER™ MEM-0039 Emulsion
Plastics*, Rubber, Yarn/Thread Lubrication
XIAMETER™ MEM-0349 Emulsion
Plastics*,  RubberYarn/Thread Lubrication
XIAMETER™ MEM-0347G Emulsion
Plastics*, Shell Core, Asphalt, Metals
XIAMETER™ MEM-0008 Emulsion
Plastics*, Shell Core, Rubber
XIAMETER™ MEM-0037 Emulsion
Plastics*, Shell Core, Rubber, Metals
XIAMETER™ MEM-1716 Emulsion
Asphalt, Spray Starch
XIAMETER™ MEM-1101 Emulsion
Plastics*, Rubber, Yarn/Thread Lubrication, Fiberglass, Metals, Spray Starch, Concrete
XIAMETER™ MEM-5009 Emulsion
Plastics*, Rubber, Metals, Concrete, Wood
XIAMETER™ MEM-0062 Emulsion PS
Web Release
XIAMETER™ MEM-1450 Emulsion
Plastics*, Rubber, Metals, Concrete, Wood  
XIAMETER™ MEM-3422 Emulsion
XIAMETER™ PMX-200 Silicone Fluid
Plastics*, Shell Core, Rubber, Yarn/Thread Lubrication, Asphalt, 
XIAMETER™ OFX-0203 Fluid
Plastics*, Rubber, Metals  
XIAMETER™ OFX-0204 Fluid
Plastics*, Rubber, Metals
XIAMETER™ OFX-0230 Fluid
Plastics*, Rubber


Product Applications
DOWSIL™ 2-1912 Fluid
Plastics*, Rubber, Metals, Adhesives, Glass, Wood
DOWSIL™ RSN-9118 Resin

*Italic = Alternative Recommendation

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